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Popcord 1.03 Crashes Straight after Extraction


Can anyone give me some help?


I am running OSX 10.4.8


I had been using Popcorn 1.03 for about 18 months with no problems at all.


Then my main HD crashed and I was forced to re-install popcorn and then I updated my v1.0 to v1.03


I just used it for the first time and found that straight after it had finished extracting the app crashed!!


I had copied the icon to a folder that was nested several layers down in my Apps folder, so I thought that it may be having a problem finding a resource like Quicktime or something. So I moved the icon to the apps folder top level. It is still doing the same thing.


I re-installed Popcorn but still no good!


Has anyone got any suggestions?


It's most annoying seeing as I've used it so much in the past with zero problems!!


Thanks for any help that you can give.



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