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Short Clips - Split And Moved



So what's the solution here?


I installed "VHS to DVD 3 plus"

-- For one time, I recorded 2 hours of video. After I stopped the recording it only shows less than 2 minutes of recording!

I went back to the record library ("Import Video") and it also shows less than 2 minutes.

-- The second time I recorded 30 minutes of video. After I stopped the recording and hit the big right arrow, it only shows me 12 secs of video!!

-- The third time I recorded about 30 minutes of video. Right after I click the stop button, the whole video was lost!!!
(No I did not click the cancel button, as the cancel button requires confirmation.)

This got to be a defect in the product. My system (Windows 7) has enough free memory (4GB ) and CPU power.

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More likely there are glitches in your tape. Some of the EVD's have proven sensitive to any video noise or breaks in the recorded tapes.


Look at the tapes at the stopped locations to see if there is any flaw like noise or a jump there.


Solutions??? Some have used a pass through with success, play the VHS into another Player and record using the output of the 2nd Player. (keep in mind it does not always work)


Let us know -_-

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I have a feeling I am seeing a variation of the same problem. I record for 1 1/2 hours and end up with 10 minutes of recorded material or 1 1/2 hours of recorded material from a 3 hour original. On other tapes sometimes I get the end sometimes the middle.... I don't see any bivouac indication while recording that this issue is happening. The tape continues to record without any noticeable problem but after "finishing" I have a very abbreviated end result. Sound like the same situation? This is really not good...

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