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Livestreaming Not Livestreaming For Twitch.tv And Other Problems.



Basically I can't livestream after I click the big livestream button. I do have all my twitch settings sorted out as well as everything connected as show in the user manual. The issues I'm having are:

  1. After clicking the livestream button, the stop livestream button just flickers. Not a big deal right now but for when I get this sorted, it could be if it's not fixed in the process.
  2. The input says 'Ready' before I click the livestream button but after I click it and it's finally loaded, it says 'No signal' even though I have everything hooked up properly.
  3. After 2. has happened, the Roxio GameCap software will begin to freeze after my web browser has opened to the attempted twitch stream and I will have to task manager close it.

I've re-installed the Roxio software and no luck what-so-ever. I've even tried doing the OBS method but it just freezes when I try to preview it in OBS. I've looked over on here and on the OBS forums for any walkthrough but none have pin-pointed my specific issues I'm having. I also want to point out that I have no other programs running at the time and I free as much processing power as possible. I fell like slamming my head on my desk at this point.


So what are my options?

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