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Attempting To Hook Up Older Consoles To The Roxio And I Need Assistance.



I purchased the Roxio HD Game Capture PRO with the intention of recording modern and older consoles. I also purchased an upscaler for older consoles to be able to plug them into the roxio via HDMI cable (The Upscaler: http://www.amazon.ca/Sienoc-AV2HDMI-Composite-Upscaling-Converter/dp/B00ENH847W). It doesn't work at all, it just glitches and gives me odd flickering static. ( Ocarina of Time footage: https://gyazo.com/bfedf38159aec5b4ebc15c9d7fdcf7e0 ) I would like to know what exactly is the issue. But also, I would like to know how to avoid using the Roxio Capturing Software as it's garbage. It's horrible for my Computer and is constantly laggy and I drop way too many frames for it to be anything decent in terms of quality. I attempted using the Roxio device on VirtualDub, however upon clicking it under devices it states "VirtualDub cannot connect to the desired capture driver". Is there any way at ALL so that I may use the upscaler and connect the device to record in VirtualDub. I've seen someone use a roxio Hd Game Capture Pro in Virtual dub but I do not how to do the same.

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We'll need some more information, but you need to set your upscaler to 720p, since the RGC HD Pro will only capture 1080p at 30fps, and I was finally able to find where that upscaler outputs 1080p at 60fps. So, that may be your main problem.


The next question would be, how do your other, modern, game consoles work when you try to capture with them?


And finally, tell us about your PC, what processor and speed, memory, hard drive space, version of Windows, video card/chipset? Don't just give us make and model, as quite often, there are many variants with different processors.

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I beg to differ, about your question being too specific. If you don't want help though, obviously we can't force it on you.


But also, without more details, we can't help much further either.


You were given some suggestions, and some time was spent trying to find out about your problem (details on your upscaler). If you prefer not to try any suggestions I'm sorry to have wasted your, and my, time.


As for VirtualDub, I don't have that application, and can't help with that particular question, but you do need to be working within the limits of the hardware you're using as well.

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