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No Luck! Disaster!



hi all


im a macintosh veteran of professioanl protools, and all things mac. I've been a pc guy for other things for 20 yrs too.

Has Bill gates made it impossible for average consumer to work with video files in the pc? I'm determined to get this EM8 working well, but not very optimistic!!

ALL i want to do, is transfer home videos, by firewire cam, to my pc, to archive them all, on my newly bought huge 300 gig hard drives. I want to play them back, maybe edit them a little or not, and maybe once in a while burn a dvd for a family member. On a mac i could do this flawlessly, so far on pc i cant.

My computer is rather simple 1.2ghz pentium, 512ram, internal hd= c and d, d has space so im putting roxio on d, the 300 gig is split it two H and I , and im trying to record/capture video to there.

My first capture attemp was glorious, the 20 seconds or so of video played right back in the capure window, of EM8....as soon as i went to make more of a project of it,,,in the "next step", everything froze. and everytime since that ive tried to open EM8 annd at the capture as a video file, the whole thing freezes and CRASHES.


I have uninstalled the program 50 times, i have upgraded to 8.05 50 times, in my opinon the program has no clear "PREFERENCES", i cant troubleshoot the problem at ALL. I know my c drive is almost full with 1 gig free, and the d drive which has the program has about 6 gigs free, and i set whatever i could find to make H (the 300 gig) as the temp drive. I tried drag the caputered file to other partitions of the big drive,,nothing nothing nothing....AS SOON AS I TRY TO ADD A FILE it FREEZES......THERE ARE NO MENUS,,,,IM STUCK!

BILL GATES NEEDS TO DO FOR PC, what STEVE JOBS DID WITH ILIFE FOR MAC. I THOUGHT ROXIO was gonna save me , but so far its a waste of time! I know my processor isnt the recommended, but i dont think it should matter for simple playback of video, especially if WMM does it with no problem!


If u got a direct answer you could email me catmandoo62@yahoo.com



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hi all



I know my processor isnt the recommended, but i dont think it should matter for simple playback of video, especially if WMM does it with no problem!





What is the video card installed in your system? Are you running DirectX 9c?

I think your CPU is just not up to handling the requirements of EMC 8. It may play fine with WMM but that is a very simple video package, EMC 8 does a lot more when it comes to editing and requires more from the CPU.

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HI Walt,


yes, i've installed the latest direct x, around 50 times also. Let me just toss one thing out there, my firewire card came with a program called ULEAD. Last night i installed ULEAD, which looks like a pretty fancy program, anyway, I did a little capture,the default record drive was D (where my app is located), of course it played back stuttering and i quickly changed it to "H" (my 300 gig drive) where it played back fine.

Is it possible Roxio, is forcing things to be done on C or D by system drives, even though whereever possible i've selected H?

Also, why does it play back fine in the initial capture window, but not once i get to the rather simple looking edit window. I'd like to point out the same thing is happenning in NERO, captures and plays back fine in capture window, but as soon as i do "NEXT" to the edit window, if i hit preview,,i hear the sound but see a still picture (almost) of the video.

THEN i jumped back into WMM last night, i noticed it likes to turn off filters of other appz, i turned them back on, but it didnt seem to make a difference....in NERO or ROXIO...as you probably know, NERO doesnt require the stronger processor that roxio does, and its not working,,,so i think its some kind of windows thing.

Is there some kind of WINDOWS drivers that are messed up? Are you so sure its processor related?




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