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Exported Audio Out Of Sync


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"...I cut the music from a larger file..."


Hard to figure out what you are doing here without more details?


Some computers just have trouble with this and often doing an Export As with the whole file then working from the copy is a solution... Similar, using a 3rd party converter to pre-process the file before editing is another way ;)

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I made a 13 minute video out of 45 minutes of gameplay. I also added a skype call which I recorded with audacity. When I am in the editor it is perfectly in sync, but when I export it the audio is 3-5 seconds ahead of the video. I trimmed and split it a lot. I have tried rendering it 14 times already with different types. All the overlays I put on are in sync perfect, its just the audio. I have the skype call (which is out of sync) on the internal tracks of the video. Please help quick

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