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Livestreaming With Obs - Quality



Hey Guys, Waddup!

To some of you, im sure this is a stupid question and some of you guys will probably laugh at me, But i want to get into streaming Call of Duty on Twitch instead of just making videos. So i've connected my PS4 up to my Roxio Game Capture then to my PC like i would to record videos. My laptop specs are as follows... (be warned, they're pretty ^#!&)
- Core intel i3
- Intel HD Graphics 3000
I know, they're pretty bad, but it gets the jobs done for minecraft, CS:GO etc..

But anyway, ill be using OBS to setup the livestream and connect it up to twitch, and ive done all that and thats all g. But what i wanna know is, with 4GB RAM an i3 will it be strong enough/ able to livestream to twitch at at least 720p. With no other programs running except OBS and maybe spotify. If you guys could get back to me, that'd be muchly appreciated, and possibly some other tips or tricks that you guys know to get the best outta your PC, that'd be great!

Thanks for reading lads 9f52cfcd4470a965de522bbd4c363c68.png


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