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Just began a new slideshow production of a recent trip to Italy. During drag and drop of the digital images, and about 3/4 of the way through the production, the following error message appeared.


"Runtime Error! Program: C\ etc. This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way." Videowave then closed. Fortunately, I had saved the file just prior to this error and closing. Checked the various runtime error postings, but none seemed to apply.


Here's my question, and it relates to a feature on the digital camera used to shoot the digital images. The feature is D-Range Optimizer and In-Camera HDR. This is used when the ambient light is not sufficient, such as inside a church and when a flash cannot be used. The camera shoots multiple images of the same object looking at various small areas to examine the contrast of highlights and shadows. The camera then makes adjustments to produce the best combination of brightness and tones and then combines the exposures. The result is two digital images, the original and the second that has been modified. The error occurred during the process of dragging and dropping of several of these images. Does anyone know if these modified images are causing the runtime error. The error has occurred three times and each time these types of images were being dragged and dropped. By the way, after getting them to the Storyline, the image that is under-exposed, which is the unmodified image, is deleted from the production.


This may be just a coincidence, but when it occurred each time under identical conditions, it makes one wonder.



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Both the original and modified images are in the JPEG format. The point of my question must be related to the modified images or else I would not have asked the question. This is the first time

having used such images while creating a production. The low light ambient conditions, and the fact that flash could not be used, dictated that the DRO feature was the only recourse to achieving

satisfactory photos.


Unless someone has previous experience using these types of modified photos with Videowave, and has experienced similar results, my only recourse is to create a test Videowave production using digitalimages that have not been modified using DRO to see if the Runtime error occurs. The next step would be to determine if the error can be replicated using just modified images.

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Here is the result of the test production. Opened Videowave, new 16:9 production. Dragged and dropped digital images from a folder containing no DRO modified images. Dragged and dropped 190 images when the following occurred. By the way, it was a photo file previously used to create a Videowave production without any problem occurring. The previously made Videowave production had over 250

panels of images.


A window appeared showing: "The current production is empty or contains invalid files." There is also a "Details" button, which was pressed. Another small window opened showing absolutely nothing.

A blank smaller window. Clicking on a OK button resulted in the computer freezing. The Task Mgr. indicated Videowave is Running. Memory in use showed 2.75GB or 34%. Closed Task Mgr. The same Videowave screen reappeared at the point where the "The current production, etal message appeared. Videowave was active because the File button would highlight, but nothing else could be done in the

program. Clicked on the File button and exited from the program. A choice was then given of saving, canceling or not saving the file. Chose not to save and Videowave was successfully closed.


It's evident that the described problem enumerated in a previous posting is not related to DRO modified images. Any thoughts on why the problem?

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How about (re)converting the jpg files using something like 'Any Video Converter" as a batch and then trying those. Should not take too long.


I don;t quite understand about the "photo file" Did that mean that old photos didn't work also? Are we chasing a red herring with the enhanced photos.


By the way, I used a photo enhancement program to enhance photos and used them in slide shows. In fact, one of the versions of Creator Pro had a program to do photo enhancement included.

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Only the DRO images were added one at a time. The error did not occur. The only difference is that there are only about a dozen of such images. By the way, all of the images were dragged and dropped to Storyline individually, not as a batch. I created another production using the images that were used when the error first occurred. The error occurred at a different point in the production than it did originally. This seems to rule out a corrupted image file. Just for my information, how would a JPEG file become corrupted. If it was corrupted wouldn't it show up in the image? And lastly, it was stated that a Runtime error can be caused by a multiple list of items. Is there a list of known items exist so that it can be referenced?


What I have done since is perform disk defragment and do a couple Roxio Creator disk repairs. I have not yet created a production to determine if the problem has been solved.


I do have another question. Could this error be related to the choice of using either the Hardware or Software option in Videowave?

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I am getting really confused. In your first post you stated that the problem occurs with the modified images. Now you are saying there is no error with the DRO images. So which is it?


What does tis statement mean (from post #1) "after getting them to the Storyline, the image that is under-exposed, which is the unmodified image, is deleted from the production." Why add the image to the production if you are going to delete it anyway?


That runtime error is a Windows error message and I don't think you will ever find a resolution to that error.

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Let me clarify. I wrote that I wondered if the DRO images were causing the problem. I didn't know because this was the first time these types of images were used in a Videowave production.


It is asked why two of the same images were added to the Storyline if one of the two are then deleted from Storyline. As explained, the image that is not correctly exposed is subsequently deleted.

Adding the two identical images to the Storyline makes a side by side comparison of the enlarged images much easier in the viewing window. I suppose the edits could be done beforehand, but they

were not.


On the question about no error with the DRO images. I merely described a test production where only DRO images were dragged and dropped to Storyline to determine if indeed these types of images were

causing the error. The error did not occur. However, also explained is that there are not very many of these types of images and it seems that the error occurred only after a hundred or more images.

Again, I did not positively state the DRO images caused the error, I merely wondered.


Now here is what I did find, and it may not be conclusive, but it is convincing. Videowave was opened to create an entirely new production. The Tools tab and then Options was selected.

The next selection was Hardware. I had been using the Software selection. Media Selector was opened. Then the folder containing the digital images previously used was opened. This folder also

contains several of the DRO modified images. Each image was individualy dragged and dropped to the Storyline. The entire 250 images within the folder were added to the production without a

Runtime error. Was it a fluke? Decided to create a second new production using a different image folder, which also contained a number of DRO images. Success again.


On the matters of performing disk defragmentation and Creator disk repair, neither of these two operations corrected the Runtime error as proven after again creating a production while using software



I don't know why using Hardware versus Software rendering makes a difference, but it did. Presumably, selecting Hardware utilizes the videocard to do the rendering, while selecting software

utilizes the Win 7 software? I really don't know how these two items function within Videowave.

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What's the point of setting Videowave to the software option? I have just successfully added, moved and deleted several images in one of the 5 productions that have been created using the hardware

option. At this juncture I'm satisfied that if using the software option the Runtime error will occur. Besides, is there an advantage to using the software option versus the hardware option? Other than the error issue, I don't note a difference.

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In many cases Hardware render is faster then software.

Also if you are using software rendering along with so called 3D transitions, the program will crash. Hardware rendering is able to process these transitions.


Do a google search on "hardware vs software render". THere are lots of hits

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I really did not see a difference in rendering speed between software or hardware. At least not with what I am doing. Unless your comment about rendering 3D transitions is for informational

purposes, this type of rendering is unrelated to my projects. I will do a google search to learn about these two rendering methods. By the way, since my previous posting I've been adding,

subtracting and moving images within 5 different Videowave productions, all using hardware render, and at no time has an error occurred. This pretty confirms in my mind that it was the software

render option causing the error problem.


Thanks to all that responded for the comments and suggestions.

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You have your opinion, I have my actual experience with my computer. If while using Videowave to create a production and using it with software rendering and having a problem with runtime errors each time a hundred or so images are added to the storyline, while doing the same in hardware rending mode and not experiencing runtime errors, who is thinking so hard after all. Whatever that means? Completed one of the 5 slide show productions undertaken, including dissolve transitions and music tracks, followed by burning a AVHD disc. It played without a hitch in the DVD player and looked great on the TV.

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I assume you have a BlueRay player since a AVCHD disc will not play on a standard DVD player.


If all you have are dissolve transitions in your projects then there should be no problem rendering on software render mode. If there are problems then there is something wrong with your system

On which system are you creating your projects? You list 3 in your signature.

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In what format are those "modified" HDR images?


It is not clear which image is giving you the problem - the original or the modified?


THat error message is totally useles in trying to determine the problem since it pops up for aLL sorts of errors in all sorts of programs. It is basically just a generic Windows error message

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