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Game Capture - Things Look Blurry On My Screen?



I am trying to record using Roxio Game Capture Pro. I have the device plugged in to usb. I have an HDMI running from my gpu's out port to roxio's "input" then another hdmi coming out of roxio's "output" into the monitor. I tested each cable individually, and they work perfectly fine. I have tried editing the monitors settings, as well as my gpu's. Nothing seems to work because my screen still looks blurry. For example in the screenshot, the words look blurry.


Note- I saw on a post that roxio game capture should show up twice on my device manager? It only shows up once for me..


Please help!


EDIT: I am looking at the image i posted. When i took the screenshot "FTB Mage Quest" looks blurry. This seems to prove that it isn't my gpu going crazy (MSI R9 390) but rather it is the game capture pro that is struggling. I have tried removing all the cables, then plugging in the hdmi's, then the usb cable into the game capture. It still looks blurry :/


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The thing is, i'll be having two extra monitors using the dvi-ds plus the hdmi as center. So, Would the splitter create an extra screen or duplicate the same hdmi output?


A detailed description in your first post would go a long way to resolving this...


Now is the time for you to detail what wire goes to what along with any converters or splitters you are using where your game output is coming from etc. -_-

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