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Video Freezes


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For some reason when i edited my video so i can post it to youtube the video froze at 1:57 and i didnt notice until i uploaded the video.

watch the video and go about ten seconds before 1:57.





I see the freezing a 1:57. Post what I asked above and maybe somebody who is into games may help you

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Alessio Marin ----


Personal attacks are not permitted on this forum. Please come back with the same information but without the negatives. More attacks could cause your banishment.


We don't work for Roxio/Corel but you are welcome to contact support to pay for their help.


It would have been a lot simpler if you said Roxio game capture in your first post or to have posted in the right section of thew forum.


BTY we ALL have busted our &%$ getting our computer and software !


If you want help, please come back and post the requested information. (Information). and the dxdiag,exe evaluation of your computer.


It looks like the program froze when one of your co- designers dropped off the line.

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