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How To Burn Iphoto Slideshow To Dvd



I’d like to create a slideshow in Apple iPhoto (not the new Photos app, which stinks!), then burn that slideshow onto a DVD using Toast 12 Titanium so the resulting product will play on either a Blu-ray player or a DVD player. I have read a number of posts on various sites with suggestions, but none of them are very current or apply to Macs. I’d appreciate getting replies that include answering these questions:

  • When I have the final version of the slideshow in iPhoto, do I then Export it as High Definition (1080p)? If I do, that creates a .m4v file.
  • How do I take the .m4v file and burn it to a DVD in Toast 12? Suggested settings and step-by-step instructions would be appreciated.
  • How do I configure the video to beginning playing immediately upon insertion of the disk?
  • If it’s burned as a DVD, will it successfully play on any Blu-ray player?


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I use iPhoto '11. My solution to the compressed .m4v file format is



1. Custom Export:

a. Save As: file-name.MOV.

b. Export: Movie to QuickTime Movie.

c. Options… (brings up Movie Settings).

i. Video.

1. Settings:

a. Compression Type: H.264.

b. Frame Rate: 25 (Camera TV Output = PAL).

c. Key Frames: Every 25 frames.

d. Frame Reordering: Checked.

e. Quality: High.

f. Encoding: Best quality (Multi-pass).

g. Data Rate: Automatic.

2. Size:

a. Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 HD.

b. Uncheck other boxes.

ii. Sound. Settings:

1. Compressor: None (Uncompressed).

2. Rate: 44.1 kHz.

3. Size: 16 bit.

4. Use: Stereo.

iii. Prepare for Internet Streaming: Unchecked.

d. Save.

NTSC might need different Frame Rate & Key Frames.

Can't help with the burning as I use Toast 10 but I get at least 50 mins of HD on a DVD+R DL disc and use a different method to the one described.

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Guest Rox-Ralf
Let me try to answer this.

iPhoto slideshow must first be exported from iPhoto as a video. This is done by clicking the Export button at the bottom of the iPhoto slideshow window. (I'm assuming your slide show was created after clicking New Slideshow in the iPhoto File menu). Choose the Large preset in the Export window to save the slide show as a movie and then add that movie to the Toast Video window to make your DVD.

Normally, Toast setting is set to play immediately upon insertion of the disk but you can still check it once you are on the Video Tab. There should be a couple of settings under Customize section about it.

If you can play the burned DVD on DVD player, then it should be playable on Blu-ray player.

I recommend you to burn it in a disc image way.

Burn disc in ISO Image.

1. Open Toast and click on the Video tab and choose DVD-Video/Highdef/Blu-ray.

2. Import the video/data that you want to burn.

3. Change the Destination into "Disc Image"

4. Hit "Save" and set the location of the output folder.

5. A .toast file will be created and then proceed to the next steps below.

Burn Created ISO Image disc.

1. In Copy tab function, change the option on the top left corner into "Image File".

2. Click on Select button and browse for .Toast file that you created earlier.

3. Once imported, change the Destination into the Burner drive.

4. You can set the burner settings if you want and if you're ready, you can hit Copy to start the burning process.

5. Wait until the burn process is completed.


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Previously, you can burn iPhoto slideshow to DVD using iDVD. However, from Mac OS X 10.7, there is no iDVD any more. So how can you burn iPhoto slideshow to DVD after you update your Mac OS X to EL Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion?


If you have the same issue, read though this article to get the solution


iDVD is a free tool that allows the user to burn QuickTime movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a DVD on Mac OS X. However, from Mac OS X 10.7, there is no iDVD any more. If you are using Mac OS X 10.6 and earlier, you can still use iDVD to burn iPhoto slideshow to DVD.

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