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Preview Screen In Roxio Program Is Black But I Hear Audio.



Hello! I bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I seem to be having some difficulties with the actual program. I browsed the forums multiple times and seen one or two people having the same problem but nobody responded. I have my Roxio Game Cap HD Pro set up properly and I get picture in OBS multi-platform but not in the roxio program. I have tried repairing the installation folder countless times, I have tried reinstalling countless times and nothing seems to work. I've adjusted my settings, changed resolution, changed bit rate and it's a no go.


Please help! My specs are:


Intel-Haswell i5 4210U 2.4GHZ 4th Gen

16gb DDR3 Ram

1 TB Hard drive

Nvidia GTX 860m 2gb DDR5



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If it is any consolation, this drives us nuts too :lol:


The light on the RGC Device flicking between the hdmi and component isn't significant. (at least I don't think it is at this time :))


I have one note on that screen you showed us and that is that Windows Media Player 11 or better needs to be installed. (something you can check on by starting WMP and clicking Help-About)


I would have expected more on your screen. If you Don't have any input going into your RGC, your Capture screen should look like this:



Give that a try and see what comes up ;)

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Sorry for the late reply, work called upon me once more. I have Windows Media Player 12 installed on my system. Also, all the settings show up correctly if I use HDMI, if I use component I run into the problem where it bounces back and fourth between HDMI and component settings and get a screen like the last screen I posted.

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That is an improvement right???


One thing with Component, make sure you are following the colors, PR, PB & Y, and not mixing up the Audio Red with the Video Red ;)


Also the Wii have an AV cable with a Yellow Video. It will not work as that is a Composite signal.


Lastly, TEST the Component output with a TV or Monitor to make sure it is working.

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Sorry for the wait, what I meant to say is all the settings show up with HDMI in the Roxio Program unlike the blank settings with the Components. When I hooked it up through the TV, I got picture from the WII U but no picture in the program as it didn't show anything besides two words saying ' Component '. I'm going to try and uninstall, go into the registry, delete anything in there and do a clean install.

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So just an update here and a fix for all the people having this problem. I thought I would post again describing how to do it because I seen on this forum somebody did a complete restore to fix this problem a while back.




So, if you encounter this issue:


1. Uninstall the roxio software from your computer.


2. Go to start and type 'Run.exe'


3. A window should pop up and type 'Regedit.exe'


4. The "Run" window will close and open a bigger window titled 'Registry Editor'


5. You're going to want to click Edit in the upper left hand corner and choose 'Find Next'


6. Type in Roxio and click enter, when done it should search for the key term.


7. When you find the first Registry binary (it will highlight it) press delete on your keyboard and then press F3 to go to the next.

(Some you won't be able to delete but that's okay)


8. After you're done clearing your registry of Roxio stuff, go ahead and run the installer again and wait for it to finish.


9. Profit????

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No Walt is right ~ RegEdit is a fast way to use the command - 'Format C:\'...


Also, other Roxio programs or pieces used in other software may be in there and that will ruin other software...


We have a procedure to do all this but in a manner that is safe!


Glad to hear you got it running -_-

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Sorry for the wait! I've been at work. The signal is coming from a Wii U through HDMI. When I first hooked it up it worked okay and had a picture, although the program being a bit slow. Then I had to reinstall due to problems popping up. For a direct reference on how it's hooked up, it's like this..


Wii U HDMI to -> Roxio Game Capture Pro HD -> HDMI cable to TV.


I'll also re-add that screen to the actual forum instead of Imgur.com and also to answer The Guru's question, it's coming from the Wii U. I can hear the audio but no picture. If I pop up OBS, it has video and audio but it's not as sharp as the main program.

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Are you running the SP 2.1? The download file was LS_Update_1.18.27.10_.exe and may still be in your Download folder.


I think that download produces that result when it encounters an HDMI signal with HDCP... I have asked others to look into this but not usable response to date :(


If you have the Wii Composite cable (red, green, blue + white & red - 5 of them) it will work.


Curious about OBS? Is it the Capture, the Stream or the Preview that is not as sharp?

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I'm not running the 2.1 update due to it caused a bunch of issues for me. It would make my TV blink where the games were just completely unplayable! I am running the default Roxio Software and I'm stuck in the middle because of like I said, I get a bunch of issues when I update.


With OBS it's more along the fact that it wants my computer to run the lower settings and it eats at my CPU and causes it to look a little pixelated. I have been messing with the settings and I just can't seem to get it as clear as the preview in OBS. This is my first capture card so I don't know what to expect really, I don't know if it's going to be as clear as the output through my TV or not. I just remember that when the Roxio program had picture, it looked a little sharper.

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Yes I should have looked at your picture closer ;)

And the Component cable option?

Using another device with HDMI would be interesting... Use a DVD or BD Player, anything with HDMI. (you won't be able to record, but I want to see if the preview comes back)

One Wii user with similar issues, Set Video Card to Single Display Performance Mode: HERE Post #5.


Give some or all of these things a try.

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So I tried hooking another HDMI item into the card and the same thing happened. I also tried components and I'll post a screenshot of what it looked like but what it did was just bounce back and fourth in between HDMI and Component on the card. I also tried switching my NVIDIA card settings to the single display and alas, it didn't work. I'm really confused as to whats going on with it.




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