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Mp4 Issue



So recently, VideoWave for me has been reading .mp4 files as images not as video files which doesn't make sence as you should be able to add images to your timeline aswell.


It doesn't read all files as like it but when I look at the properties they don't show any difference or clues why would VideoWave do this.


I can open these .mp4 files in media players, just fine and they play without issues. What could be the cause of this and how do I fix this? I would not like to lose +40 video clips due to this issue!


I'll post some images to show what I mean hoping it clears what I were trying to explain there.post-114150-0-38435600-1440909191_thumb.jpgpost-114150-0-28642900-1440909198_thumb.jpg

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I have to add to this topic now that after some testing between .m2ts and .mp4 files, .mp4 is a lot easier to edit for the VideoWave program and easier to run on pc.

Sad thing is that sometimes the packacing goes wrong and it gets unreadable by the edit software and then have to use converter program.


But yeah, new files still works just fine, old ones still couching so no saving their originals. :(

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These were all recorded with the RGC, at the same time and from the same Console playing the same game?


Being able to play them with a 'Player' means nothing! Players are designed to accept as many faults as possible.


I do see that the bit rates are not the same for the two you show in your capture which tells us they are not the same... WHY that would make a difference, I have no idea :lol:


I think your solution is to get a converter and pass them through it just to clean them up...


In the future Never use MP4 for capture! M2TS Works and it works every time! Can't say the same for Roxio's MP4 Captures :( (if you actually need mp4, do the Save As from VideoWave)


A good converter that most of us use is, Any Video Converter HERE



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I tried renaming the files but, I don't think it really did anything at least nothing I could notice.


However, I found a work around. I can use converted program to pull out the audio from the clip and just render the video with the audio and it will have it.


I guess just one of those issues where you go the other route to fix it. :P

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