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Unable To Select Folders To Burn



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Trying to do a data backup. When I try to select I get the 'Files Folders' option. If I select files I get a tree to select from but only for files. If I select 'Folders', I get 'Desktop' and the desktop files in the folder. no tree is displayed to select from.


Version is Creator NXT2

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The steps should be from the Data/Copy tab of Creator NXT 2 Pro choose Backup and Restore.


Then Advanced Backup, then click on +Create a new backup.


Once there the add folder button at the bottom.


Now you said you have NXT 2 and did not specify NXT 2 Pro. There are differences between the two but I do not think BackOnTrack is even in the NXT 2 version.

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There are two distinct ways you can "do a data backup" in NXT 2. The first is 'Burn Data Disc', and the second is 'Backup and Restore'.

Because of the way you've said it, I'll guess you're using 'Burn Data Disc' Please correct me if I'm wrong.


When you're in 'Burn Data Disc' and select Add and then Folder you should see a display like this. This is in XP, and the display will be a little different in later versions of Windows.




If you click on the little plus sign (+) alongside 'My Computer' a tree should be displayed showing your drives, each with a cross alongside. Clicking on those crosses will open those drives, and so on.



Is this what you were looking for?






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