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Ps4 Headset Setup For In-Game Voice Recording



hello, new to the forum and having trouble.

i got the roxio game capture pro hd for my ps4 so i could bypass some of the blocked scenes in certain video games. however i would also like to recod my voice too, so i looked at this video from team DUV's gaming and i thought i had it down



so i got the turtle beach rca tap and instead of a turtle beach headset, i have a logitech G430.


the only thing i am now having trouble with is the 3.5 stereo adapter to send a feed to the roxio through the tap.


i already bought three different cable that failed me due to lack of description and my knowledge {iam more of a video guy instead of a sound guy at work}. one was a spitter with both mic and headset {the headset part worked}, a cell phone 2.5 male to 3.5 female {at the time i thought it was the reverse}, and a turtle beach 3.5 male to 2.5 female stereo cord {thinking that the tap would work with its own cables}.


so now iam thinking of getting a 3.5 m/f stereo cord but i just want to know some opinions on this if iam just wasting my time on this or that iam on the right track with the wrong equipment.

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I'm curious, how does this enable 'blocked scenes'? - for that matter, what Are blocked scenes??? (I don't game, just got to device to be able to answer questions here :lol: )


How are you hooked up from the PS4? If using HDMI the audio input on the GameCap is not usable as HDMI carries its' own Audio.


Provide that info and we should be able to move forward ;)

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iam sorry if my wording was a bit off but, what "blocked scenes" are on the PS4 is scenes in a game that either spoil the game or contain plot sensitive items that the developers of the game dont want people streaming to see. when using the PS4 streaming service to twitch or UStream, when you play a game while streaming and you come across a "Blocked Scene" the view on the stream goes to a standby blue screen while you are able to play and see it just fine, not only does it block the viewers from seeing it but it also disables the audio.


this is where the Roxio come in, since it records what is being displayed, it avoids the blocked scene and the viewer are able to see and hear that part of the game, and all they will see is the playstation messages of: "You have entered a blocked scene, and gameplay recording has been stopped".


so my setup path is this: PS4>HDMI>RadioShack HDMI to Component Adapter>Roxio>HDMI>Monitor

^ ^>Turtle Beach RCA TAP > 3.5 M/f Stereo cord {missing/problem}> Logitech G430{Mic Audio}

^>Logitech G430{Headset Audio}

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Thanks, I get it about the blocked scenes... a few sarcastic questions remain, but for the developers and not you :lol:


Interesting that you are using an HDMI to Component converter. One user was having trouble and I got the same one, Portta and it does not work. I will have to see about Radio Shack's model.


To your issue! The ONLY way for Roxio to Record your voice is to introduce it into the input stream... Since you use Component you need something to change it into RCA and then piggyback it into the White/Red RCA plugs on the RGC device.


These would look like this:




I have never done this but that is the setup ;)

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Thank you sir, apparently by getting those wires and connecting them to the G430 usb adapter in the headphone side, it was able to record my voice. now pushing my luck here, i like to find a way to also hear through those same headsets without changing the settings in my PS4 since it will be mute if the audio is going through my headsets instead of my TV. I was able to do it before, but it required that splitter i mention in my first post. like i said pushing my luck but i will find a way, thanks again.

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sorry of replying so late...


a few things i have notice with this setup for caution.


1. your voice will be low while the game is high, its advise you change the games volume to equal your voice.

2. you may hear buzzing sounds, that is because of either the tap into the audio or the sound output to the ps4 {i have it on the lowest which is bitstream dts and not linear pcm}

3. livestreaming to twitch is...well check the link




but this is what i have, hdmi going into a radioshack component adapter



then in between the audio cables and the roxio is a piggyback rca splitter



and from there the end of the female rca is a male rca audio to a 3.5 jack connected to the G430 usb headphone slot and my G430 headset mic in its respected slot.


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Great! Thanks!


For the buzz, does it sound like a 60 cycle buzz? (get close to a light bulb to hear one).


If it does, could be a grounding issue. Try running your computer and the PS4 from separate outlets that are on separate circuits (different circuit breakers) You may need a couple of extension cords to pull that off ;)

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actually its more warbled, sorry for replying so late because i was trying to figure out this sound issue. trying to understand this, your saying that it could be a ground loop that causes those kinds of noises? if that is the case, couldn't i just get a hum eliminator that fixes ground loops in between the piggyback rca and the rca to 3.5 jack or is it solely a power plug with unbalanced circuits?



the video up top gives the best example of this warble sound

{skip to 7:00 because of editing song}

{sidenote: this one is louder than my other videos because i found the dbs setting to increase volume}


also can't nessiarily test it out right away because iam using the RGC for work.



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Music is pretty, what is it?


I would not describe it as a warble... To me anyway, a warble is a distortion in the sound track and can be seen in the visual of the sound track.


This is steady and I would think it is an interference or component failing. Now keep in mind that I am FAR from an expert in this area! I would switch out devices!


I noticed that the RGC is on your PC in the pictures. That could be a heat issue... Try setting an empty box under the RGC to insulate it.


If you have another Game Machine that allows you to play the same game or. lacking that, hook up a DVD or BD Player with the same setup (converter et al).


Then if it still there, use one with a Component Output to eliminate the Converter.


Keep us updated when you can ;)

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I forgot to mention, from the roxio it records from my laptop, which sits on top of my PS4. if i were to hook to to a dvd player where should i plug my headphones? Because its plugs into the PS4 and DVD players dont have usb slots, leaving only the laptop. Should i plud the headphones into the laptop?

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No no! The RGC can only hook to a computer with the RGC Software!


Try the Heat Test first, could be that simple...


The trick in troubleshooting is to try to keep everything as close to the same as possible so you only test one element in the mix at one time ;)


Check Engine light is on in my car. Test says it might be:


The Knock Sensor

The Fuel Pump

The Fuel Filter

The Gas Cap...

I have replaced the Gas Cap.


Filter is next and keep moving up the line ;)

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