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Stop Toast Stretching Slideshow



When I create and share a slideshow in Fotomagico it creates an m4v file. When I view this on my computer it shows a 16:9 format with the picture not filling the 16:9 but bars of background showing at each side. This is just as I expect because a camera is not 16:9.


When I use Toast 14 to burn this to disc it ignores the space at the sides of the picture and stretches the picture to fill the 16:3 space.


How do I overcome this?

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After hours of angst I can answer my own question.


Fotomagico does seem to have at least three places where there are options for screen format. I found all of those and set them to 16:9. Some may have related only to the menu, not the main part of the slideshow. Fotomagico produces an m4v file which plays well on my computer.


Toast 14 includes a format setting which is also now at 16:9. Toast turns the show into an MPEG-2 file and that plays well on my computer.


On my TV that was stretched horizontally and squashed vertically. I wrongly blamed Toast for that. I presumed that the DVD player was correctly set up as it includes the hard drive recording and correctly playing back our TV programmes. Wrong. The DVD player settings appear to be separate. They are now set to 16:9 and I am very happy with my recorded DVD pictures.

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