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End Action Of A Video File

Fred Berney


Thanks to the help here and with Tech Support, I was able to create a DVD without a menu.


Now I'm trying to figure out how to make that DVD stop when the video comes to the end. Right now, the video starts playing over again.


In DVDiT, there was a command called "End Action" and it allowed you to direct what happened after a file reached the end of it's playing. There were options like "go to menu", "go to next file" or "stop".


I don't see any place within the program that seems to have those functions. My guess is that Creator was designed with the thinking that most people would want a menu and returning to the MENU is the default command.


I hope I wrong about that assumsion. If so, where do I find a "stop when the video reaches the end" command?


Again that you for your help.

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Just FYI, the DVDiT software you mentioned is more of a professional or semi-professional authoring software which is why it has more complex options like that for customizing a project. Products like NXT3 [and other similar brands] are Consumer level software with more basic 'industry standard' options.

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Which is exactly the question I asked of Roxio, when I called them asking for help installing my version of DVDit HD Pro. I specifically asked if they sold a professional authoring program and the person pointed me to this program. I told him I owned it before in an earlier version and new it was aimed at the consummer level. He kept claiming this was the professional version and said it came with a 30 day money back guarantee.


I've used Roxio Creator programs in the past, probably starting with the first one. They are simple to use, but I never found them having the full control that I needed. Based on my conversation wtih this tech, I thought that maybe the program had changed and it could now do what I needed. With the help I got here and some fooling around with it, it does do some of the things I need, but I don't think it is a substitute for DVDit.


Anybody here ever use DVDIt and found a way to install it recently since there is no way to activate the serial number or the program?



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