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"format Not Supported" On Tv


I've set up my RGC to my PS4 and TV via HDMI cables and everything works on my roommate's TV out in the other room, but doesn't seem to work on my TV.

What's baffling me is that I've looked up my TVs make and model (Sylvania 32" LC320SLX) and it is HDCP compliant, yet I'm getting "Format not supported" on my TV.

I've tried unplugging everything and setting it back up, I've tried the different HDMI outlets, and I've tested plugging my PS4 directly into the TV (works fine).


The capture is showing up on the Roxio program on my computer, just not on my TV.

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There are several versions of HDMI and I would guess that the one you have in your TV is not compliant with the one output by Roxio...


Cheap to fix though! Get an HDMI splitter, and put it on the HDMI coming out of your PS4. Then one line to the RGC and the other to your TV ;)

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