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Video Wave Crashes/does Not Display Video


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I have done about everything I could to figure out this problem.


I have run repair... I have done a fresh install. (after cleaning up my registry)


The trouble I have is that even on loading a small video file (.mp4) Video Wave does not show the actual video content... it only plays the native audio to the file... and then will crash when I try to use any menu choice.


I am running windows 10 and I use an Nvidia 650 Ti video card.



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Ok, got Quicktime to install on Windows 10 ... and discovered that the issue is ONLY with video created by the Windows 10 Game DVR. Something about how it is encoding the vids.


It is odd that the raw video plays fine ... but can not be edited in Video Wave (or converted in Copy & Convert).


Thank you for the help.

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There does not seem to be any way to tweak the settings of the Windows Game DVR, but oddly if I just save the video after opening it in Windows Movie Maker it works fine... even a very large file (almost a Gig)


Also .mp4 format by the way, Its very odd. But at least now I understand the problem.

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