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Desk Top Start Up Page Needs Help



Everything seems to open OK in Windows start-all programs but when using the start up on the desk top it always goes into a "please wait while windows configures Roxio 2012 Plus" and sometimes it will ask for the program DVD and says use source 1. I haven't tried using any of the programs yet. Any ideas?? Windows 7



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The start up Home page does not work no matter where I try to start it from. So far the individual programs work from the start all programs. I have uninstalled it several times and reinstalled it with Virus protection shut down but it's the same, no changes.

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Try this--- RIGHT click on your Roxio Creator 2012 desktop Icon and then click on DELETE (That will remove it)

Now go to START--All Programs and cursor down to Roxio Creator 2012 listing and RIGHT click on it.

When the drop down menu appears, click on SEND TO, then DESKTOP (CREATE SHORTCUT).


That should place the Icon for the program back on the desktop. Now double click on this

new icon and see if it works--

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The start up Home page does not work no matter where I try to start it from.


This is the Menu Application in Creator 2012.





Is this what you're calling the Start Up Home Page, and is it the thing you can't get to run at all, no matter how you approach it?



If that is so, it confirms my suspicions in post #4. Since a simple uninstall/reinstall hasn't fixed it, the next recommendation has to be to completely nuke the installation and start afresh.


-Uninstall your Creator Plus the usual way.

-Then download the free trial of Revo Uninstaller, and run it in Moderate mode to remove all the fragmentary traces of Creator Plus.

-Disconnect from the Internet

-Use MSCONFIG to clean start your machine without your anti-virus running [don't just pause the AV]

-Install Creator Plus under this clean start

-Restart the machine with Internet and Anti-Virus.


This will give you the best shot at getting a clean install of Creator Plus.




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