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Crash When Click "stop Capture"...



What happens:

- Capture seem to running just fine

- When done, I click "stop capture"

- Roxio Capture crashes

- Two files are left, an m2ts and an mp4 (it's usually just an mp4 file after rendering)

- First time I deleted the m2ts file as the others were mp4

- Now I find out that the mp4 file's audio is messed up (no sound, just buzzing all the way through - tested in videowave and premiere pro, media player rejects the file)

- Video/images is fine and dandy from start to end

- Happens when capturing from ps4 and randomly - happened with 54 min and an 1.h10min video


Now I'm going to test 2nd software to try and recover the lost m2ts file - in the meantime, I hope there's someone out there who can tell me if I can save this! :)

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You should leave the capture format as M2TS. That's the native format that the device and software captures in. If you select .MP4, it still first captures in M2TS and then converts to .MP4, and that sometimes crashes. You can find other utilities to convert to MP4 if you need to.

..and deal with this?


That's a big nope. :/

Is there a way I can merge the two files into an mp4?

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Have you tried using the included VideoWave editor to edit your video?


Otherwise, the free AnyVideo converter has been suggested and recommended by others for converting the M2TS file to .MP4.


Not sure what you're talking about to "merge the two files"?

When Capture software crashes, it leaves two files. mp4 and m2ts.


I haven't looked into videowave, but I must admit I'm reluctant to go into yet another software piece. In the few videos I've been editing I've been through my fair share already, and just getting really used to Premiere Pro, so switching again is not alluring. While recording, I record my voice in audacity with my blue yeti mic. It's possible to add that to the video in premiere pro, but I'm afraid dragging the video through a process before adding voiceover will be problematic to say the least. I've been there with an audio file using flexible bitrate and that can not be CAN NOT be synced with a contant bitrate video. (or was it the other way araound? no matter)

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I suspect it's only leaving the .MP4 file because you have that selected as your capture type. But as I said previously, the initial capture is done as an M2TS file, and when you stop capturing it starts converting to the .MP4. In theory if it didn't crash, the files would have identical content. So you can ignore the MP4 file.


Other people have had problems with the Game Capture software crashing during the conversion which is why I suggest simply capturing as M2TS (change the capture selection), and then using a different converter application to create the .MP4 file, since Premiere Pro apparently doesn't support the M2TS file format. (Which seems odd since that's the basic HD format for BR discs.)


Videowave also has options for letting you add another soundtrack to the video, which works well.

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Thanks for the suggestions. So if I capture in m2ts and premiere pro will not have anything to do with it (my best guess is the relation to bluray!) can I run it through videowave converting it to mp4, avoid the crash and still have really good quality video? (capturing from ps4, will capture from other consoles too)

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I tried playing the video in Videowave, the latest m2ts file. Sadly, the sound is busted there too. So I guess I will have to replay parts of the game for recording purposes. I'll try and keep it to record m2ts files and see how it goes. If it keeps crashing like this, I'm gonna rip my hair out.

I have i5 and Nvidia on my win10 machine. Should be solid, but if there is some kind of compatibility issue with win10, that needs to be looked into. Is it possible to send in stuff to roxio so they might update the software?

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Old story and a pinned post that Audio doesn't work in PPro... It is the ONLY editor that doesn't accept the m2ts files from Roxio.


If you're talking about recovering the MP4 files that crashed, not going to happen!


One simple way besides the conversion we mentioned, is to load the m2ts files into VW and use it's Extract Audio function. Then add the two back together in PPro.


Out of curiosity, what editing are you doing that requires PPro?

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The sound is gone from m2ts files playing in VW too, so the files is busted. PPro won't open the file.

In PPro I'm adding the voice over that I record in Audacity, trim the clip and might make a few cuts here and there along with adding an outro (3 videos and image along with a jingle/audio) - so far. It might get more refined later. Not fond if extracting a sound and adding it bnack in, mostly due to possible sync problems.

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