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Xp Version Driver For 9.0.554



I doubt this is the right room to start but the name is the closest to the product I have, namely 'EASY CD & DVD burning', XP.


Tried to install on win7 and got message about needing a digitally signed driver. Otherwise the program will not be allowed to run. :(


Is there a digitally signed driver for the XP version which will allow it to run on a win7 machine?




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There are a number of different versions of Easy CD & DVD Burning - this is the right forum, by the way. Among others, there's version 9, 10, 10.3, and 14 (which is the current version).


Which version do you have?


You can tell by looking at "Help > About this software" if you have it running, or else by looking in HISTORY.BLD on your installer disc and telling us the first couple of lines of text in that file.




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Thanks very much. That's the old version 9. I think I managed to get that going in Windows 7 a while back, but I can't remember the details now. I think it involves a custom install to eliminate the old Drag-to-Disc.


I have a machine running a clean Windows 7, so I'll go off and have a crack at it with 9.0.554, and then report back here.


Please watch this space.




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Right, I'm back. Version 9.0.554 slid very smoothly into Windows 7 Ultimate x86.



The Custom Install doesn't allow you to leave Drag-to-Disc out, as I had planned



So I installed everything, but before the big re-boot at the end I went to Control Panel and uninstalled Drag-to-Disc




Then I re-booted the machine.






Now here's the interesting bit. When you start Creator programs they 'phone home' and get the advert for the latest version, which is NXT 3 at the moment. Some while ago they changed their settings at the Roxio site, and the new settings didn't like Version 9's script which requested the latest advert, so they popped up a 'script error' when you started versaion 9, and no advert.


I see tonight that they must have changed things at Roxio once more, because I did get the advert this time and didn't see the 'script error' any more. However they've muddled their site security certificate so you get this alert.




Don't Panic! Worry not and click "Yes" to proceed. Everything should be happy after that.




I hope this has helped. Any more questions?




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Looks like it worked. Outstanding! The drag-to-disc always seemed an annoyance to me anyway.


The screenshots are a very nice touch, the 'picture is worth a thousand words' thing. I did not get the 'Revocation...' alert.


The sound editor is back tho' and that's the main thing I was after.


Your appellation is well earned.


Thank you for your efforts on my behalf!

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