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2011 Creator Video Wave Picture And Sound Not In Sync



Hello wondering if someone can help me. I added a video to try to make a movie but the video and sound are not in sync. I have done this one other time on a home movie and it worked fine. This is a different camera not sure if that's the issue

Anyway I recorded it on a canon rebel t2i on a Sandisk ultra 40mb sd hc I class 10 card. I took them from the card and put them into windows my videos. My QuickTime is up to date because when I first tried to add the video to video wave it told me I had to upgrade. So that is done

I'm not technical so I'm not sure what to do now

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Usually you only get sync issues when you capture from a camera/camcorder. Copying from a card to your computer should not give you issues.


It might be that your computer can't keep up when you are encoding the videos - make sure you have nothing else running. Disconnect from the internet and shut off your antivirus.


Unless you have a solid state hard drive, make sure you defrag your system drive often. Also read this (link)

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Gqandpabruce is correct. Read more about defragging a hard drive here:


I spelled out what a SSD was in an earlier reply. (please read replies carefully). SSD is a solid state hard drive that come in some newer computers. They are very fast because there are no moving parts. They can be equated to a bunch of thumbdrives all tied together. The older style is a disk drive which is like a series of discs (records) that are stacked one another. A magnetic head must first go to the right disk and then to the right spot on the disk. This takes more time and if it has to do a lot of running back and forth, then it can be slow putting the audio and video together (they may be stores in different places and different locations on the hard disc drive. Defragging a disk drive tries to put all the information closer together.

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