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I too am having this issue. I purchased the Roxio DVD to VHS 3 Plus from Roxio's website. I wasn't too concerned about the user manual and software marked as the previous 3 version. However, I am a bit upset that I am missing features that are to be included in the newest version I purchased. There is no label maker program. After I recorded my video I realized there are no markers and the trim, delete trim and reset buttons are there but are inactive {light grey}. There are also no transitions or templates available. There is also no link button or split movie button. Now my other issue is just probably user error. When I save my file to my computer instead of burning it, it saves in a format I can not open in Windowss 8.1. It says the file is a VHS file and can't be read. I sent word to Tech Support for the software issues and a tech said he will look into it and get back with me. I just happened to find this forum after searching the internet for any user information in regards to this software. If anyone has any suggestions or tips or sees I might be overlooking something,I would appreciate all the help I can get. PS: take it easy on me, I'm not the most technical literate person out there,

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EVD 3 Plus is the only version sold...

If yours does not 'brag' about being a Plus then something is wrong!

If you open the program, it will say Plus at the top!


Likewise the Contents of the Disc:


(note - the 'New text Document.txt' will not be on your disc)

The Features you say are missing are only found when you use the Record - Edit - Save portion of the program.


Compare this info to yours and tell us what you find???

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