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DV Capture for Windows XP Media Center

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I tried the app. and ik worked, with a couple of major issues still to solve. The NTSC problem described is the reason why i am not using it fully yet.


I wondered though: which MPEG2 encoder is being used? Is it one from Roxio self? Based on one from another manufacturer maybe? Who? Which one?


And more important: is it possible to change/set the bitrate settings for MPEG2 encoding? Are they stored somewhere (registry?)?


Or, even better, since the tech guys are working on it, is it possible to change these settings in the interface (bitrate/vbr the usual MPEG settings).......


thx ahead

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hello Roxio People,


What i also miss is the ability to choose WHERE the captured video is saved...


I think this is one of the most common settings in all capture-programs...




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