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Help With Streaming



First off, when I try to stream using Roxio hd pro, it dosent work. Says I'm offline and no one can see my stream. How do I fix that?

Second, I was livestreaming ps4 gameplay with live commentary thru the ps4. But recording the gameplay with Roxio hd pro. When I played back the video I just recorded, there is no in game sound. How do I fix that too? All help is much appreciated. :)

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I don't have any direct knowledge of Live Stream... Check the pinned posts above yours for information on that.


Any 'commentary' must go through the RGC device to be recorded. The setup for that is not an easy one :( Again, look around it has been discussed for 3 years now.


No audio in your recording would seem to be a setting in your PS 4... It needs to output Both to your streaming connection AND the HDMI.


Check all this out and let us know :)

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