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Xbox Audio Cuts Out At Random Times


Hey Roxio Community,


For the past week now my audio from my Xbox 360 has cut out around the 1-15 minute mark. I can still hear the audio on my TV (hence why I cant tell if the audio from the recording is stopped.)


I have tried recording in both 720P and 1080I, they both have the same problem.


I Am Capturing with the Roxio HD Pro and HDMI Cables (I have tried over 5 HDMI cables, its not the problem)



Computer Specs

I have a Windows 7 with a i5 2.27GHz Processor.


My Graphics Card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470.


I am not sure what other specs you will need. If you need something else please comment.




An Example In My Video


At exactly 2:50 the audio/music cuts out and all you can hear is my voice.






Any help on how to fix this would be amazing!


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Sounds like a heat issue???


Make sure your RGC is well ventalted and not cooking on top of your PC or in the hot air output of the fans ;)


If that is not the case, you will have to try different input source to make sure it isn't your Xbox. Use anything with HDMI and listen to the PC audio.

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