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Mt2S File - No Sound?!



Hi all,


According to this thread:


I was advised to stop capturing to mp4 file. Allright, I changed it to mt2s, but there's a teeny problem. It does not have any sound! The videos is useless! I now have to replay most of a game for new videos that I can actually use - but first I need to solve this problem.

Running win 10 laptop, i5 core, nvidia graphics card. What am I doing wrong? And if you tell me it's just a bug happening from time to time, I'm down to frikking luck if I get a video I can use?

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Yes I did.

However, I think the no sound issue arises from the fact that I set the playstation to send the sound to my headset via the controller so the sound from the game aren't in my voiceover audio.. I can not believe I didn't think this could be an issue when I decided to it that way.

So yeah, there it is. My stupidity.


On another note... one that made me almost smash the capture card through my floor just 10 minutes ago... Doing the same setup as all the way through this let's play, the capture card now changes from HDMI to Yrrsp (or whatever it states) when I start up the capture software on the PC. Tv ends up in blue screen and software blackscreens. Any explanation and how to solve this issue? (checked the PS4 hdcp settings, its fine)

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