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Videowave Crashes When Adding Video Effect

6029 Steve




I have a purchased DVD version of Creator Nxt Pro 3. Previously I have used Creator 2011.


When I make a new video production, and try to add a video effect, the program crashes immediately the effect is selected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and the problem persists.


The PC is Windows 8.1 X64, Dell 8700 with 32 Gb of RAM. Graphics is Radeon R9 270. Direct x is version 11. Default Creator installation.


Does anyone know how to make the video effects work?


Many thanks

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Of course that should not happen!

I want you to try a more extensive Repair process.
(Add Nothing! - Skip Nothing!)

Unplug your RGC Device and put it aside until you are completely finished.

Download and install the Revo Uninstaller. Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove any traces of Roxio.

Turn OFF any A/V & Firewall.

Use the Default Locations!

When the Install completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.

Let us know how you make out -_-

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Hi again and thank you for the replies.


To answer myguggi first, it is not one specific effect, I tried it several times and as soon as an effect is clicked, it crashes. The effect preview is not shown. Sometimes I get the Windows crash dialog, sometimes not and it just closes.


It was a new project with one video file added, I was trying to add an aged film effect to a video I produced previously with videowave, it was in wmv format.


Since then, I have discovered other things that make the program crash - trying to open a directory with a large number of image and video files in it for example. So it seems to be when Videowave has to interact with the file system, certain conditions about the directory or its contents seem to crash it. As I did the Creator reinstall alreday, I guess the problem is with Windows 8.1, so I might need to reinstall Windows to get this working, which is a bit of a bummer :( Unless anyone has any other ideas?


Thanks again for the willingness you guys have shown to help.

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