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Saved Projects--2 Simple Questions



I understand how to burn videos to a disc. But how does one avoid the long encoding process a second time. For example, (1) if one makes a disc image, how does one burn the image file to a disc? Or, (2) after burning a disc and using the save option, how does one later come back and use the saved file to burn a disc without starting all over?

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Guest Rox-Ralf

You may try to follow my instructions


Burn disc in ISO Image.


1. Open Toast and click on the Video tab and choose DVD-Video.

2. Import the video/data that you want to burn.

3. Change the Destination into "Disc Image"

4. Hit "Save" and set the location of the output folder.

5. A .toast file will be created and then proceed to the next steps below. This .toast file will also be the back up project that you have.


Burn Created ISO Image disc.


1. In Copy tab function, change the option on the top left corner into "Image File".

2. Click on Select button and browse for .Toast file that you created earlier.

3. Once imported, change the Destination into the Burner drive.

4. You can set the burner settings if you want and if you're ready, you can hit Copy to start the burning process.

5. Wait until the burn process is completed.

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