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How To Remove Fuzz At The Top Of My Dvd



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Hi, once I transferred my vhs over to dvd there is fuzz that is showing up on the transferred dvd. My vhs does not contain any fuzz. Has anyone seen this before.


It would help if you were to tell us what program you are using so that your topic can be moved to the correct forum. You might get some answers there.

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As Walt says, you are asking a very vague question. I'll take a wild guess but detailed info sure goes a long way to the correct answer ;)


It is 'noise' from Tracking of your VCR that is a little out of wack.


I would guess your TV does an Overscan so it is not visible there. Check through the Menu or Settings of your VCR to see if you can adjust it or set it to Auto.

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No one will recommend doing it that way! It is a 'high risk' method because if something goes wrong with the Capture, your disc is ruined.


Best way is to do the Capture(s) first then import them into the Editor and lastly, Export them to DVD.


For your problem, do as I suggested above and you might try the old VCR trick of fast winding to the end of tape and let it rewind before trying to capture.


Try the Capture - Edit - Save method for a few short caps and play them in the Editor to see if they are OK.

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