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Split Button Disappeared



I recorded a 3 hour and 48 minute VHS tape. When I go to the Export screen, the file in the video list has a warning about video length, but the file is greyed out and the split button has disappeared. I have tried all variations of check-marking auto-fit and span but nothing changes. This did not occur with my 2 hour VHS tape. I have attached a photo of my screen.


Any thoughts? Is a nearly 4-hour video just too much for the software to handle?


Thanks in advance!


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Oddly enough, Yes and No... It is Media Dependent.


For any 4.6GB Disc, about 2 hours is the happy spot...


If you use a DL (8.4GB) Split will work. - I have not had a clip as long as yours to confirm that! My test file is 2:48.


Give the DL disc a try and see what it does for you (let us know!) ;)


If not you will have to manually split it. From your Clip Title, I get the idea that you put 3 clips together to make this one???


Do you know how to do the manual splitting I am referring to?

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Thanks for the response!


I only have a 4.6GB disc at this time so I will have to manually split. I am unaware of the procedure. Thanks for any help!


The video is actually one long clip from a VHS tape. It is saved as "Italia and More 2" because it is VHS tape #2. I'm not sure why I have a (1) there as well. I must have duplicated a file title. Still getting used to the process.

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One way to Manual Split:


Divide the Total Time of your project by 1 hour blocks, and always round UP. - If it is 3hours and 1 frame, the answer is 4!


(in your case you have one contiguous file and the quotient it is 4. Gets a little messy if it a bunch of files and better to output them to 'Computer' to make a single file)


Using Copy and Paste, make 4 copies of the file PUT THE ORIGINAL IN A SAFE PLACE (another folder or a thumb drive or 2).


Now you have 1Italia and More 2 Copy, 1Italia and More 2 Copy(1), 1Italia and More 2 Copy(2) and 1Italia and More 2 Copy(3).


Create 3 New Project and name them Disc 1, Disc 2, 3, etc. Load each one with a different copy of the main file.


Start with Project Disc 1 and find a split point around the 1 hour mark. Write down the time and Save the Project (DON'T Export it or Burn it!)


Set the Start Point of Project Disc 2 to that time and find a split point around 1 hour from there. Save the Project.


Same for the next 2.


An earlier version, but an explanation of splitting is HERE


Now you see why you write down the time and by not doing anything but saving the Project at this point you leave yourself the option to go back into any and adjust it.


Only when you are Done and Happy with it, do you start Burning. - now at this point I might put a Menu on the very first one but make the other with No Menu so they play when inserted.


Another tip - Never use Auto Fit for the DVD! Your are starting with VHS quality and if the program lowers it even slightly, it will degrade the quality. (set the slider to Highest Quality in the outputs that have one)


If it somehow goes astray, you still have that Original File you safely tucked away ;)


I usually outline all this on paper before I start and use that as a guideline while I go through it. I keep the discs pre-labeled to prevent ending up with 2, Disc twos and no Disc 3 :huh:

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