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Can't Preview Video In The Software, But Can In Windows Media Player



For some reason, the video I have recorded will not let me preview it in the Roxio Software. But I am able to preview it in Windows Media Player.


Here are some screenshots of the video in the software:





The reason as to why I need help with this is because when I try to convert the video to .mp4 format using Videowave. It won't let me import the video into Videowave. Therefore I am stuck with the .m2ts file, and without an .mp4 version of the video I can't edit the video using Sony Vegas.


I hope you can help me as soon as possible.

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I don't know why, but the file is corrupt if it won't load into either Sony or VideoWave...

I am guessing it will Play using some Player but player are designed to absorb a lot of errors. Editors need proper files to work with.

You might be able to make the file usable by passing it through a Converter or some sort. I like the Any Video Converter - HERE

(in fact I just finished using it to convert a stubborn M2TS to an MP4 that was acceptable to my Apple TV)


This will also make them compatible with Vegas should you want to edit there as an M2TS.


I guess you know the m2ts is the way to capture as the mp4 does not work right in RGC ;)


Let us know how you make out!

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