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Roxio Photoshow Will Not Open



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Look at the post about finding an almost replacement from Corel.


I should have told you that the substitute I found was Corel's Fast Flix.


Remember that you are limited in YouTube to 10 minutes to begin with and then more if you post enough. You can mark your PhotoShow uploads to "not listed" so only the people you send the link to can find them.

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Nothing I did to the computer. You never know exactly what the automated updates really do to the computer. Everything else is working. I have Windows 10 waiting to be downloaded. I was waiting until I finished this vacation before making that decision. I printed the info you supplied on another program similar to Roxio and bookmarked the info on programs compatible with Windows 10 but have not read. Have you had any feedback from anyone who upgraded to Windows 10 and has Roxio?


Not sure how to do a new download. Do you uninstall first? Then, go to My Account~Software Downloads~Photoshow 6? Luckily, for me, I really never had any MAJOR problems since first using whatever the name was back in 2003 or earlier. I remember Simple Star. But I initially received it through Comcast.


Thanks Again!

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I cannot get PhotoShow to open on my desktop using W10 even with a new download and install. It opens on my W8 laptop. (Desktop version for both).


On both computers, I am using Chrome browser for the on-line version. I just opened PhotoShow with the new Edge browser and made a small change to one of my PhotoShows. . It took a loooooonnnnnggggg time for the change to be saved. Chrome saved quicker.


For re-downloading, just go to your membership site and download the V6 you find there. Download to a place you'll remember and then install it. No need to uninstall the earlier version.


Yes, Flash is part of the requirements for playback. You are not even getting to that. (neither am I).


I doubt that anyone at Roxio knows how to fix the problem with W10 so I don;t hold out much hope. Did you try the other program I suggested. It is not as good. but has a better chance of working with W10.

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No luck with the new download. Luckily, I finished all my shows before we left and made dvds based on your postings that PhotoShow was in trouble. Major thanks for that info.


Haven't tried the other program since I'm definitely going to download Windows 10 now that my PhotoShow has died. I was

going to delay that decision as long as I could since I liked PhotoShow so much. Such a great program that they messed up and abandoned.


Thanks for all your help.

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I'm back, sknis!


Update on Roxio desktop not working.


You are right. After contacting Microsoft who did not have a solution, I got in touch with the GeekSquad (forgot I had the service-YIKES!) and they confirmed my hunch that the following update was the culprit. They also confirmed that PhotoShow will not work with Windows 10.

"Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3087040)"


I finally installed Windows 10 and tried to use the online PhotoShow and so far it has worked. I have not done a full show so we'll see how that goes.



If I find another software that works with Windows 10 that is what I'm looking for, I'll let you know. I just have to do research on how to share a show. I've been reading up on YouTube. Only want to share with family and friends.


As always, thanks for helping!

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