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"...destination Disk Is Too Small."



Toast Titanium purchased in August.


Brand new Samsung Blu-Ray player/burner.


Trying to burn some files to a 50GB Blu-Ray disk. Toast keeps saying that the "destination disk is too small," even though the total size of the files is no greater than 37GB.


Open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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I've done some additional testing and it seems that Toast has a bug in relation to dual-layer Blu Ray disks. No matter what size the file you trying to burn, even if it's just a few megabytes, selecting the BD-DL option will result in Toast saying that the "destination disk is too small."


A pretty severe problem. Has anyone discovered a fix for this? Is one forthcoming?

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Guest Rox-Ralf

Try trashing toast plist and prefs.


I suggest that you trash Toast plist and prefs to re-install the components of the program.
You may try to trash Toast plist, prefs and the main program and re-install Toast.
1. Quit the Toast.app.
2. In Finder, click the pulldown GO menu and click GO TO FOLDER (or press SHIFT+COMMAND+G).
3. In the Go To Folder window, type (or paste) in: ~/Library/Preferences.
4. Locate the "com.roxio.toast.plist" and Roxio pref file and delete or move to the Trash.
5. Close the window and launch Toast Titanium installer.
6. Proceed through the Setup Assistant as normal.
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