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Trouble With Photoshow

barb lake


Trying to creat a photoshow. I have 200 pictures. Everything works find up to photo # 186. It appears to upload to the photoshow, but disappears if I click on any photo in the show. I have tried different pictures to fill that slot to rule out a corrupted picture, but get the same results. Verision 872 using Windows 7. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.

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I have premium photoshow and used it last the beginning of September. I tried to open it this morning to make a new photoshow and it won't open. I get a message that there is a windows problem. Any way to fix this?



There was a Window 9 security update that seems to have caused a problem. Most people experience it with Windows 10 but at least one person has had it with W8/8.1 There is no fix to date.


If it is really important to use it, you might consider rolling back you computer to when it did work.

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Ah, build 872 of Roxio's PhotoShow. Where did you get it? Do you have a membership? Extra large, high pixel images usually give problems. What is the size of the images in pixels that you are trying? What operating system are you using? Do you have enough space on your hard drive?


I gather that you are using the on-line version. Why not use the desktop version. It is faster and really get rid of upload issues.


What operating system are you using? I can't get the desktop version to run on W10.(it may be just me.)

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