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Copying To Computer

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Yes, a DVD Movie is 'Authored', whereas a straight copy of a disc is a 'Data Disc' and that makes it different.


Oddly, no one at Roxio anticipated this, multiple copies, so that option was not included in this application...


Two choices - redo your project for each copy you need (Save and Load it) or find one of the many free copy programs on the web.


I believe ImgBurn is one that will do it ;)

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After burning the video to DVD It opens and plays fine but when I try to copy it to the computer to burn more copies it wont open and it gives an error message. Does anyone know why I'm unable to open the computer copy?



Use ImgBurn like Jim says. Use it to make a image file on the hard drive then re-burn as many copies of that image as you want. If ImgBurn won't copy (errors with read errors) the DVD to a image file there is a problem with the disc.


Be careful when installing ImgBurn it's freeware and comes with crap you don't want! Go slow read and uncheck the crap. A ImgBurn link below.





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