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Audio Is Not Rendered In Final Production



This is my Roxio Creator NTX3 problem that I would appreciate help with.


I created my project ‘Storyline’ from MOV video clips, ensured I have ‘Native’ audio in the ‘Timeline’.

Click ‘Output’ > ‘Export’

Click button ‘Destination’ > ‘Video File”

Click ‘Purpose’ > ‘Both’

Click ‘Video file quality’ > ‘DV format AVI’

Click ‘Normalize Audio’

Click ‘Create Video File’

Render action performs, locate the AVI file but when I open it there is no audio.

Why didn’t VideoWave render the audio?


I also saved my project as follows:

Click ‘File’ > ‘Save As’

Save ‘File Type’ as ‘VideoWave Production (*dmsm)' as there is no other File Type.

If I open the file it will open up in VideoWave which has the audio, so how can I send my project to a relative if I create a disc?


Error code or issue:


What kind of project were you working on:

Creator NTX3, purchased 2015

What kinds of files were you using and where did you get them?

MOV***.MOI from Cannon Legria FS200 camcorder

Did you complete your project or did it stop at a certain point in the process?

Completed project

Have you ever successfully completed the task that you are contacting us about?


Did you make any changes to your computer recently? (new applications, updates, etc) If so, what?



My computer specifications:


Operating System (including service packs): Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 8 in June, 2015

Make: Dell

Model: Inspiron 15, 3000 Series

Video card: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, 1.80 GHz

Processor speed: AMD A6-6410

RAM: 8.00 GB installed (6.93 GB usable)

Free hard drive space: 114 GB

I last did an operating system update on: Update for Microsoft Windows (KB6087040), on 25/09/2015

Audio devices: AMD High Definition Audio Device with Realtek High Definition Audio

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I thought that was fixed! :unsure: You said you had audio in the native audio track. Did you have audio when you previewed it (before exporting)? Do you have Apple Quicktime on your computer - it is required for the codecs. You need only the free one.


If you don;t have audio with Quicktime, some mov type files like those from digital cameras are not in a completely standard format. There are two things to try.


1) See if Creator's "Copy and Convert" will convert the files to a mpg2 format. Do one, put into into Video Wave and see if you have audio. If so, then use that for all the files.

2) If that doesn;t work, use a free converter like "Any Video Converter" = there are others- to do the conversion. Again try with one video file and see if you get the audio in Video Wave. If so, "Any..." will do a batch conversion.


Thanks for all that information up front.

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