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Project Preview Does Not Match End "burned" Project?



I am using Easy CD and DVD Burning to create a DVD of photos with background music. First I have to say that I created this project in windows movie maker and was told that this software could covert the WMV file into a W-PEG2 file so that I could burn it to a DVD for playing on a standard home DVD player...it did not allow me to add the "movie" to the project which I could never figure out why!?!? So I started all over, creating the production directly in Roxio by adding the photos, background music and have burned approximately 10 DVDs and none of them match the preview. First disk picture quality was terrible and the pan and zoom option made the photos blurry and the pan and zoom was not smooth but rather like a jolt. I changed those settings and just had a video transition of dissolve...the photos would superimpose on themselves. Removed that setting and put it on high quality...now the project removed photos after being burned. ALL of the changes that I have made I have previewed multiple times and each preview shows something other than what the end product actually is. I am open to any and all suggestions on setting changes that can help me fix this issue. I am completely unsatisfied with this product so far but for the price I really want to love it!!

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Don't know why it wouldn't add the wmv...


This assumes you used the Add New Movie command and NOT File Open!


Always use High Quality setting and keep in mind it always defaults to Fit to Disk :unsure:


I assume you built this in the Add Slideshow part. Some things you need to realize there is that a Dissolve takes place in the last part of one slide and extends into the next one... If you set a short duration, yes the one won't be finished before the next one comes in! (I prefer 3 seconds but am guessing you use 1 or 2?)


Give me some time to burn and check this (I only previewed them) ;)

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One other point I might add here is that a DVD project is only Standard Definition, 720x480 pixels. And if you play that full size on an HD TV, it can look pixelated and of poor quality. That's what a DVD looks like when blown up to HD. I don't think that Easy CD & DVD burning offers the option of creating HD movies, which will make a big difference. If it does offer Blu-Ray or AVCHD output, try that. (You'll probably have to recreate your project.)


Another suggestion is that if you're playing your DVD using a regular DVD player, onto an HD TV, a Blu-Ray player that upsamples to HD can help. It won't be perfect, but it can definitely get rid of a lot of the pixel artifacts.

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