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Photoshow Stopped Working On Windows 8.1



My client reported 2 weeks ago his Photoshow was crashing on startup. I got on and system-restored him back a coule of weeks. Working now. This is a Dell on 8.1.


2 days later, same problem. Now sys restore won't fix.



After several hours of working on it over the net, I drove over and picked it up. Devoting most of this weekend to it, I finally gave up last night, decided to resort to the 'refresh to factory install' option on his Dell.


It ran all night and when I checked this morning, it had reverted to the original 8.0. I installed RPS, and to my delight, it worked! (Finally).


So, to get him back up to 8.1 snuff, I set it up for updates and let 'er go.


164 updates later, it says it's done. We're still not up to 8.1 yet.


Prudently, before going to the 8.1 upgrade, I tried RPS just to be sure it's still working.


NOPE! Broken again.


Good LORD.


Can't even imagine how many hours I have in this now... and I'm back to Friday afternoon again.


Does this mean if he really really can't do without RPS, we just go back to 'no updates' version and turn off updates? Seems crazy, but he has over 400 shows and is too old to re-learn something else, he says.


Any ideas?


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Hi, tinkerbell217. Thanks for posting that bit once would have been enough (other thread) ! :D If you wanted RonWilson to know about it, then just post a link to your other thread.


I've looked in the past and the only thing I could find was Corel's Fast Flix.


Download the online PhotoShows and convert them to video file because the desktop version will not work in W10 and MicroSoft will eventually update W8/8.1 with the offending "fix" and PhotoShow will not work on your W8 computer.

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Sorry about the double post. Microsoft did get back to me with the following info:


There was an issue with the security update KB3087040 for Flash player for Internet Explorer which caused this error: An ActionScript error has occurred.


However, the problem has already been corrected with the release of KB3089023. See this support article for more info: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3089023


Without the latter update installed, you leave your system open to attack from the Flash vulnerability that the patch was designed to address: https://helpx.adobe.com/security/products/flash-player/apsb15-23.html


Not sure it will help Roxio but you never know.

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Just a note. It does not install to a Windows 10 computer that was simply upgraded from Windows 8/8.1. It will give you a compatibility warning. A computer where W10 was installed to a new or completely clean disc may work but then there may not be an issue with PhotoShow.

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For both W8, 8.1 and W10:


StephenKo says this :


"Roxio Photoshow will not work with Windows 10. I reverted back to Windows 8/8.1 and it worked fine until I did the Windows Updates. Once I did the updates (156 of them) the Photoshow window would not open or Windows crashed. I worked on this all day and found the culprit, and Roxio support doesn't even know this one. DO NOT install Windows Security Update (kb3087040) It will kill your Photoshow! I tested it by removing it and it worked again. All other updates worked fine."


I'm not sure that that poster used a scientific method to solve his issue so take it with a grain of salt. The on-line version still works so the Flash in the browsers doesn't seem to be affected.


The update is for Adobe Flash Player. Did your client install this update? I can't find it on my W8.1 laptop.


Contact Roxio/Corel directly; this is a users group.


Note, for your client, you might look at Corel's FastFlix. It makes photoshows but does not have the wide variety of themes. Look at the thread about finding an (almost) substitute.

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I'm back, sknis!


Update on Roxio desktop not working.


You are right. After contacting Microsoft who did not have a solution, I got in touch with the GeekSquad (forgot I had the service-YIKES!) and they confirmed my hunch that the following update was the culprit:

"Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3087040)"


I finally installed Windows 10 and tried to use the online PhotoShow and so far it has worked. I have not done a full show so we'll see how that goes.


If I remember correctly, there's a limit of 200 photos? And can't add my own music?


If I find another software that works with Windows 10 that is what I'm looking for, I'll let you know. I just have to do research on how to share a show. I've been reading up on YouTube. Only want to share with family and friends.


As always, thanks for helping!

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