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Combining Productions



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I can't test this right now but I seem to recall that after you open one VideoWave Project (dmsm) you can use the Add Movie button and force another Project by manually typing the file name + the dmsm extension.

If anyone can test that before I get home, appreciate it!


Edit: darn! it works but it doesn't... It brings in the dmsm however it is blank...


Likewise, adding 2 Productions (dmsm) to MyDVD does not combine but rather creates 2 Menu Buttons...


However as Dave pointed out, if you output each Production into a Movie, they can be combined when you add them to MyDVD


In these examples you can see the 3 finished clips I pick, choose to add as One (menu button) and they resulting files (Edit from MyDVD)





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I just added 2 dmsm project file in Videowave and it did work when played and output. The problem though is that the 2nd project appears as one video even though the project itself may consist of several secgments, etc. That means that the 2nd project can only be edited when in Videowave by itself. ie. the project has to be in its final state before adding it as a movie.


Of course outputting the 2nd project as a video file and then combining it with the first project is a better/easier solution

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Sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been away.


I'm new to all this and there are some things I'm not sure how to do! Please could you explain how I save the production as a video format and which preferred one should I choose? Adding the two video clips as one movie in My DVD sounds like the best way to do this.

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