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Image Resolution



I would like to seek clarification about a forum discussion that occurred under NXT, Disc Burning & Playback, Missing Photos dated October 20, 2015.


Within that discussion, sknis describes where the program "chokes" when photo image resolutions become too large, upon which certain photos disappear after disc burning and

playback. I posted a question seeking clarification of the "choking" comment to determine at what digital image resolution becomes too large. Hardin also posted his comments.


While I don't have or use NXT, I do have installed and use Creator 2011 SE to create slide shows using digital photos shot with my DSLT camera. The digital images are generally

taken at a 3:2 aspect ratio. It is a 12 megapixel camera. Checking the digital photos I have successfully used to create a number of slide shows, the majority of these images

have resolutions of 4912 x 3264 @ 350dpi. I have also shot digital photos at a 16:9 aspect ratio which produces a resolution of 4912 x 2760. Thus far, the "choking" phenomenon

using Creator 2011 SE has not been encountered.


Now my reason for having an interest in determining if there is an image resolution that messes up the program, what is that resolution? Furthermore to my curiosity is that I am

looking at a much higher resolution digital camera, one that is a full frame camera at 42mp that produces a resolution of 7952 x 5304 @ 3:2 aspect ratio.


Looking forward to any comments about this subject.

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Added. A higher resolution camera is overkill if you will not be making videos that are not AVCHD nor blu ray. If the projects are no, then everything will be 720 by 480 (standard definition). Some camera gives you the choice of resolution and perhaps a dual resolution output (both high resolution and standard resolution).


I regularly use images that are in the 300 Mb range with no issues. I can't put a number on where the cut off is. As I suggested, contact Roxio to see if they know.


You are also ignoring the other potential issue that is often cured by editing the images while in Video Wave.


With all the questions you are asking, I'm really the only one to try to offer solution IF YOU EVER ENCOUNTER the problem, IF you don't, then this is a fruitless exercise.

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Sorry about the disrupted reply. It's probably my careless finger hitting the keyboard. Here goes again.


Since you apparently assume that the slide shows I have created using the "crippled" Creator 2011 SE are not AVCHD, which by the way all of them are, the higher resolution of the camera is thusly not overkill. I do have to ask why you suggested that the disappearing images could be related to image resolution that is too large, when in fact you have no clue as to what is too large. This is substantiated by your suggestion that my question should be posed to Roxio. While I have not encountered the "choking" problem you have described, my question is pertinent if indeed image resolution can become too large for the program as you have suggested. This is particularly in light of my intention of purchasing a digital camera with an even larger resolution capacity.

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Since the highest resolution for AVCHD is 1920x1080, any higher photo resolution is overkill unless you do a much zooming in on the image. Why are you so interested in such high resolution? For what purpose? You can't show it on any device at its native resolution. Very high resolution photos are usually only used for printing.

As to the "blank photos" that appear for large photo files, that has been discussed many times in these forums. Do a search for "blank photos" and you will get many hits.

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