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Dvd Specs

Don't Shoot


What I'm trying to do - download some old VHS tapes to DVDs


What I've done - I have Easy VHS to DVD Plus. I bought some cheap Sony blank discs to play with the downloading to computer, fixing anything, then downloading to DVD. Everything worked great so now I'm ready to actually download.


Question - What type of disc do I need to download 2 hours at best quality? I've seen in other threads people mention JVC discs but what would the GBs be? And where can I find them? Also, I know Verbatim has been mentioned as being decent. Any others? Just give me good brands, no bad ones. The Sony discs I have are 120 min at 4.7 GBs. I found JVC on Amazon but it doesn't mention time, just 4.7 GBs at either 8x or 16x.

And go easy, I'm not a techie.

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I use Verbatims.


FYI, all standard DVDs (no matter what make) are 4.7GB. Such a DVD can hold 60 minutes of best quality video which is really what you want when capturing/burning VHS video. The 120 minutes is just marketing hype and really means nothing except that if you squeeze 120 minutes of video on the DVD the quality will be greatly reduced. It is up to you to decide if that quality is acceptable to you.


BTW, downloading means downloading from a website. You capture from the VHS and you burn to a DVD

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Roxio uses a constant bit rate encoder at 9.0 plus mega byte a second so at Roxio's High Quality it eats up the whole single layer disc with only 60 minutes of video play time.

It's a entry level software, there are other brand software that use variable bit rate encoders, dual pass video encoders, at a higher price and take longer to encode your video, but other options are available!

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