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Video File Gets Bigger?



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So when i load my video(439MB) into my DVD Builder, the project size becomes 'DVD Disc Project Size: 7644.5MB', what is happening? How did it become 7644.5MB???? i don't understand. Help please.

[DVD+R(4.7GB)] :)

What type of file are you adding? In order for a disc to be able to be played in dvd players, it needs to be rendered and encoded to make it dvd compliant. You might start with an avi file but if you look on a dvd, you see a Video_TS folder which contains ifo and vob files. Lots of work is being done to turn your vidoe into a real dvd.

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yea i was wondering about that vob file thing, well the video is a WMA. But the thing is i've made dvd's before without having to encode them or convert or anything like that.

Not sure what you did unless you simply copied a file like divx to a dvd and played it on a player that will playdivx movies.

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