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Xbox 360 E

HGH Hannah



I have a XBOX 360 E console (new), a turtle beach x11 with DSS and a roxio cap card HD Pro, as some of you may know on the xbox E console the A/V cable has changed so i wouldn't be able to use the standard A/V adapter.... does any one know how i can set this up for live commentary i figured out how to get my party voices captured but i cant get mine to record using my headset... The only weir i dont have is the 7.1 audio splinter (the red and white to aux) although my headset ends USB, green aux and pink mic aux...

i also have audacity downloaded on to my laptop as i have seen this advertised everywhere, if there is no solution does anyone have any sergestions on a decent USB mic (High quality)



Thanks in advance x

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FIRST, you have to understand that the RGC wasn't designed to do this...


The only way is to have the source of your commentary added to the RGC as part of the Input. (another way in a moment)


Sicnce your Xbox E has an HDMI port:




You should consider using a HDMI to Comonent Converter:



This way your Commentary will be included in the capture with a Y plug.


The second way is to record your commentary as you go, on your PC. Then add that audio file into your capture in VideoWave! Issues with this is timing and synchronizing...


But do a search on YouTube for adding audio to Roxio and you should get some ideas of different ways to do this ;)

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