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Roxio Creator Song Tag Editor Can Identify 2 Track Each Time Or At One Go

Dinesh K




I used roxio 10 till NXT3 but this problem is literally killing me.


when i search the id tag, it always search for 2 track at one go


  1. check this selection option.
  2. Search result for all songs gives only first 2 track.
  3. search result with 4-7 songs.
  4. Search result comes with 4&5 songs but not 6&7

Already name are edited in right panel but still it cant search the CDDB at one go but if i select again at next time it will search but again first 2 track only.


i have un-installed :( and re-installed the whole still no use :angry: even once i formatted the Windows 10 still it showing same...... :o


i got too many album and songs need updates cant keep going on for every time for 2 track by 2 track


Please Help !!!!!!!!!


My System is i7, 16Gb ram, 456 GB SSD with Windows 10pro with every single updates and fully licensed :unsure:







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That problem was reported back in NXT 2. e.g. Here and Here.


One of those topics has some work-arounds.



Thanks Brendon,


I am using Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3, before i used all other older version too but they was giving no such problem and once i got as well which formating has solve that !


but now i cant keep formating all the time ! i see other people are raised the same problem but i could not get clear idea like i explained in picture ! so i created new ticket.




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