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Image Size For Dvd Menus



In the Video window in the Options tab, there's a Customize button for the menu styles. Click the button and and in the Menus tab is a place to drag & drop an image.

There should be a note or tooltip to let you know what the maximum dimensions are before it will be cropped, but Roxio failed to include that little piece of useful information.


I started off with a large widescreen image, but it was squeezed to fit and everything became tall and skinny.

When I checked the crop box, about half the image was lost.


I want to know the maximum dimensions before an image starts getting squeezed or cropped.

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DVD is 16:9 or 4:3, HD (Blu-ray, etc) is 16:9, so ideally your new background image should have a matching aspect ratio.

Likewise, DVD is 720 × 480 px (NTSC) or 720 × 576 px (PAL), HD is 1920 × 1080 px, so that should give an indication about how much can get cropped at full image resolution. But as DVD has non-square pixels, you have more control with less calculations, when using the correct aspect ratio while allowing scaling down.

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Thanks, but you may have missed the point.


It's not going to let me use just any ol' size, even if the dimensions match the chosen format.

For example I can't use a 4000 x 2250 image without it getting squeezed or cropped tremendously.

That's why I asked for the maximum dimensions BEFORE squeezing/cropping occur. Is it 1920 x 1080?


I didn't realize the image size would change with the format, so if I use 720p video, the max would be 720 x 480?

There should really be a note below the image area that says what the dimensions for the selected format should be if it varies.

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