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Getting Error 0652 Installing Nxt4 Pro



I am trying to install Roxio Creator NXT4 PRO and I keep getting the error 0652


Here are my steps


  1. Double click RoxioCreatorNXT4.exe
  2. Click yes to allow the program to make changes
  3. When ROXIO screen appears with product key I click NEXT
  4. I accept the user agreement
  5. I leave the downloaded files folder as default and click DOWNLOAD / INSTALL
  6. I select yes to check for updated files.
  7. I click Finish on the final ROXIO Screen with the warning about backing up the folder
  8. I click Next on the welcome to setup wizard screen
  9. I click COMPLETE for setup type ( I have tried both ways)
  10. I click NEXT on the default install location
  11. I click INSTALL on the Ready to Install Screen
  12. When the program is installing, when the status says "Rolling back Roxio Virtual Drive x64" an error screen pops up with Setup Encountered an error during installation error code 0652
  13. I click OK and both the pop up and the installation screen go away.

I have been trying to find something in the Roxio community but so far I have only seen people say they have fixed their own problems but not saying what they did to fix them.


I am running a DELL Inspiron 3800 PC with Windows 7 64 bit, 16 gigs of RAM with a 1TB hard drive with over 50% free space.


I am running NO Roxio programs that I am aware of and nothing with the name ROXIO is coming up in my installed programs.


I am however running Corel Draw X7, Pinnacle Studio 19 as the only other Corel applications.


I can remove my Pinnacle as I just installed that, but I have to many add ons to my corel to remove it, if that is the case I will have to find a replacement for roxio all together.


If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. it blows that Corel does not offer any support for installing errors.


If you need anything, please let me know, I hope I added everything here.




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You should not need to remove anything...

We need to get a look into your Log Files to see what it is doing before it explodes :D

Take a look at this posting but note the differences that are possible. (I don't have NXT4 installed at the moment)

NOTE!!! NXT 3 is in C:\ProgramData\Roxio Log Files and not in Roaming…

The file will be too big to post unless you Zip it before you attach it ;)

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I am running a DELL Inspiron 3800 PC


Dell usually bundled Roxio, Sonic, Rovi, software with their PC's!


Sonic and Rovi are past owners like Corel is today.


I would go here, >Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features< and look real good.


Having a OEM installed has caused this error before.


Check Device Manager for a Emulated Drive already on your PC, example below.





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