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Tv Has No Signal, But I Have Vision Through Software



Hi guys,


After a long time I decided to give my game uploads another go and wanted to start capturing some footage from Xbox One.

I've installed everything as I supposed to do, the purple/blue lights on the Roxio HD Pro light up, I can see my Xbox One footage in the software, but I'm not able to see it on my television.


Status shows (ofcourse) a green ready because the software/pc registers the Xbox One output, but my television doesn't show anything (like nothing is connected). I tried plugging it back in, other HDMI cables etc and nothing seems to change.


Thanks in advance for help.

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It should but how do you really know you need it???


The only time would be IF you have a Monitor that does not respond to the HDCP signal... Roxio RGC creates and hdcp but you can test it better with your PS4 by itself!


Connect the PS4 to the Monitor with the HDMI cord. Turn ON the HDCP in the PS4 and see if the Monitor will play it. If it doesn't, then turn OFF the hdcp and try it.


IF it does play with the HDCP from the PS4, then turn it OFF and try running it through the RGC. It may not as the hdcp by Roxio may not be compatible with your monitor.


Let us know what you find.

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Most likely your TV does not accept the HDCP Code that the Roxio Device produces...


You can test and test but the usual solution is to put an HDMI splitter between your Xbox One and the RGC. One HDMI will go to Roxio and another to your TV.


Something like one of these (I haven't been able to get my passive to work)




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