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Does Nxt 4 Pro Handle Bdxl Data Bluray Burning 100Gb-128Gb?


I'm going to buy a Pioneer BDR-XD05 for burning bdxl 100gb and 128gb optical disks. Sort of a supplemental backup method to my current backup scheme of using sata hard drives. I don't really watch movies or do activities that NXT4 is aimed for, but I use the older RecordNow and Roxio emails a lot of NXT promos to me.


From the NXT pr pages, it seems 50gb is the limit for burning. Is that really it? No bdxl 100gb + ?. I'll probably test 250gb media when it arrives as well.


There are a couple of software programs that do bdxl burns, but just checking here first so that I can stay with Roxio products if possible.


I'm on Windows 10 Pro as well as Win 7 Pro. No win8,



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Not sure any of the current BD Players can even play the BDXL format discs???


I do know that none of the regulars here have one of the burners...


If you are going to get one, try it with your software.Generally speaking - the software burns what is in the burner... However it may not understand 3 and 4 layers so it won't issue the command to change to that one ;)


For my backups, I don't really think I would have much confidence in that media. I prefer to do both HDD and other optical media for my things. For the time involved I use HDD's more than optical media.

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